Who can benefit?

Any recognised charity or organisation that meets our criteria can benefit. 


What will we fund?

When the trust started the focus was to support a few organisations where an injection of funds could make a real difference. As the capital of the trust has grown and the income available has increased, our focus has broadened but remains aligned with the interests and personal experiences of the Little family. 

We will support

[Needs consideration] Aged – Animals - Armed & Ex-Services – Children & Youth – Community – Culture & Heritage – Disabled - Education & training – Environment – Family – Health – Hearing Impairments – Hospices – Hospitals – Housing – Human Rights – Overseas – Learning Disabilities – Medical Research – Medical Welfare - Mental Health – Overseas Aid – Religious – Rescue Services – Social Welfare – Sport & recreation Visual Impairments

We won't support

[Needs consideration] Political Organisations – Sponsored Adventure Holidays or trips abroad – Local Branches of National Charities – Education or Health of Individuals – Commercial Activity – One-off Events


How much do we give?

Most of our grants are up to £10,000 although larger grants are considered but are usually limited to charities in which the current trustees, or the Little family, have a special interest. The trust is happy to consider requests for core funding as well as project-based grants, repeat funding and also encourages applications from relatively new organisations to help them become established. The Trustees will not consider applications from organisations with an income of over £XX.


How to apply for funding

All applications should be made via the online application form or in writing to the correspondence address as detailed on the Contact us page. Please note that applications should be supported by annual accounts, where available.


Are there any geographical restrictions?

We mainly support national charities and have a particular interest in supporting community organisations within the counties of Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey but will also consider applications from overseas.


How will you hear about your application and how long might it take?

We receive many applications and endeavour to acknowledge receipt. Successful organisations will be sent a letter to confirm the amount of funding plus any conditions associated with the funds. Please regard the absence of any communication for six months as an indication that we have considered the application but it has been unsuccessful. All grants are made at the discretion of the Trustees and their decision is final.


When can a charity reapply for funding?

Re-application is permitted but only after a period of 12 months has elapsed. Successful applicants will not be considered for further funding until a period of 24 months has passed following receipt of funding or final payment of repeat funding.


How can you contact us about your application?

Due to the high number of applications received, the Trust kindly requests that applicants do not contact the trust regarding a pending application awaiting decision. The application process is designed so that an organisation can provide all of the information that is required in order for a decision to be reached.


Registered address: 12 Stanton Drive, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 5QN
Charity number: 1107412